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I am a dynamic, innovative professional with a solid track record in delivering exceptional results through leadership and strategic vision. Continually exploring innovation and growth opportunities, I strive to leave a significant, positive footprint.

Adept at identifying untapped potentials, I formulate and execute strategies that enhance performance and bring about measurable results. I leverage a broad skillset that encompasses graphic design, software engineering, leadership, and project implementation. My experience spans from curating and marketing an upscale magazine to steering a diverse team of specialists.

As a transformative leader, I thrive on the responsibility of guiding teams, projects, and visions. I inspire and mobilize multicultural teams to realize remarkable outcomes.

Confident in my ability to create significant impact, I remain committed to boosting performance for clients or employers through the introduction of pioneering ideas and strategies. I am devoted to the mentorship and growth of others, deriving immense satisfaction from aiding others in honing their skills, enhancing their efficiency, and advancing in their respective fields.

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Mr. Vereshchagin is a vital member of our team, his contributions are essential to the success of our operations. He consistently demonstrates a remarkable ability to find solid, innovative solutions for all professional challenges.

— Nikolaus Immanuel Köhler,
CEO & Founder of AQ


Degrees & Certficates


ITILv4 Foundation

The ITILv4 Foundation Certification is a prestigious credential within the realm of Information Technology. This globally recognized certification aims to validate and establish fundamental knowledge and expertise in IT Service Management (ITSM), ensuring adherence to best practices and industry standards.

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Degree in Computer Engineering

The duration of the diploma thesis spanned over a period of one year, and encompassed all stages of a project, from initiation to delivery. The final outcome exceeded all expectations and yielded valuable insights.

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EBC*L Certified Manager

The European Business Competence License is a certification system that establishes and verifies business competency through an internationally standardized series of exams.

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Cambridge English C1 Certification

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is a highly respected and widely recognized certification that attests to a candidate's advanced proficiency in the English language. This in-depth, high-level qualification confirms a deep understanding and mastery of the language.

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january - present

IT Consultant

Rheinmetall Defence

Division-wide project management and consulting. Responsible for the implementation of essential shopfloor applications and services. Business unit: Logistic vehicles.


july - 2021 december

Art & Creative Director

Art Quarterly Publishing House

Responsible for the entire creative process of the firm. Directed several successful publications; designed a state-of-the-art online identity...


december - 2019 june

Full Stack Developer


Offered my expertise in back- and frontend development to multiple clients. Developed and marketed several services. Achieved ~€15,000 in gross profit.